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Ivan Stankevich - biography

Ivan Fyodorovich Stankevich is a representative of the famous Stankevich dynasty. Ivan and his older brother Victor Stankevich managed to achieve a high level of professionalism, which raised his father - the star of the favorite series of millions of "Matchmakers" Fyodor Stankevich.

Ivan Stankevich's career is gaining momentum. Perspective actor directors noticed after the release of the series "Cadetry", the drama of Andrei Zvyagintsev's "Return" and the film "Moms". In Stankevich Jr.'s piggy bank there is a prestigious award "For Best Actor", received at the age of 21 at the Film Festival "Kinotavr".

Childhood and youth

Ivan Stankevich was born in Voronezh on June 2, 1989 in a creative family. His mother and father graduated from the Voronezh Academy of Arts: his mother is a certified organizer of public events, and his father is an actor, both Russian by nationality.

The family moved to the capital when Vanya turned one year old and Vita 7. Fyodor Stankevich was invited to Moscow by Konstantin Raikin, who noticed the talented artist on the stage of the Voronezh Youth Theatre.

The boy became involved in acting from an early childhood and, as soon as he grew up, began to participate in the theatrical productions with his father. In the play "Servants and Snow" Vanya played the role of Miki's foundling, and in the production of "City of Millionaires" was on the same stage with the famous Inna Churikova and Armen Jigarkhanyan. Often the role of Ivan got small and even without words, but each of them was a kind of "brick" in the career of a young actor.

In the 9th grade, Ivan Stankevich seriously took a great interest in drawing and even wanted to enter the design department after school, but the actor's genes won. After graduating from school Ivan entered WTU named after B.V. Shchukin. During his studies at the university the young man showed himself in the productions of "The procession" by Joseph Brodsky, "At a jovial place" by Alexander Ostrovsky. Stankevich Jr. received his higher education diploma in 2011. Soon the young man joined the troupe of Anton Chekhov Theatre, where he received the role of Drew in the play "The Fence" Norm Foster.

Chronicle of films

The first time on the screen actor Ivan Stankevich appeared in the series "Seekers" in 2001. On the test 11-year-old Vanya got accidentally. With boredom, he came with his father on "Mosfilm" and came to the attention of the creators of the mini-series "Seekers". Producer previously approved candidate did not like it, and the assistant was urgently looking for a suitable candidate for the role of a boy. Vanya was approved after the first audition.

In the "Seekers" Ivan Stankevich got an episodic role, but a year later he starred in a multi-part film "Taiga. Survival course", where he was entrusted with the role of the son of one of the main characters. On the set of "Taiga" guy was also accidentally.

The most outstanding work of Ivan Stankevich in his early years was the role in the film "Return", released in 2003. Director of the film Andrei Zvyagintsev entrusted the 14-year-old guy the main role. At the Venice Festival Zvyagintsev's drama won five prizes, including the main award - "Golden Lion". In Russia, the picture was awarded the prizes "Nika" and "Golden Eagle".

In Lido, speaking to European journalists, 14-year-old Ivan Stankevich first publicly admitted that he would connect life with the art of acting.

In 2006, Stankevich was tested in the series "Cadetry": the student "Schuki" was approved for the role of Suvorovtsa Levakov, high, skinny (now the height of the artist reaches 177 cm, weight not exceeding 76 kg) orphanage. Shooting 17-year-old actor combined with the final school exams and enrollment in "Schuku". Dense schedule and study were difficult for Ivan, but he did not leave the project. In "Cadetry" appeared and his father: Fyodor Stankevich played the father Suvorovtsa Perepechko.

Father and son met on the set of films more than once. In the Ukrainian TV series "Svaty" Ivan Stankevich played a policeman who detained

Ivan Budko, and in the movie "Mom" Fyodor Viktorovich played Vanya's father.

In 2008, Ivan Stankevich's creative biography was interrupted for a year, but since 2010 the actor has appeared on the screen in 2-3 films a year.

Over the years, thanks to the shooting of dramatic films Ivan Stankevich was known as a typical actor. The audience remembered his works in the films "Short Circuit", "Truce", "Elena" and the series "Poor Relatives" and "Mazes of Destiny". The main role in the film "Truce" brought a new surge of popularity to the young artist: at the festival "Kinotavr" film noted two prizes.

The melodrama "Elena", which was released in 2011, was also successful. This is the second film by Andrei Zvyagintsev, which starred Ivan Stankevich. The film was awarded the prize of the Cannes Film Festival, and Stankevich was lucky to work on the shooting with the stars of Russian cinema Nadezhda Markina, Andrei Smirnov and Elena Lyadova.

The artist does not change himself and agrees to work only with the best directors in Russia and Ukraine. Ivan Stankevich's repertoire includes dramas "Judas", "Champions from the Walkway" and "House". He starred in a wonderful comedy almanac "Moms", in which his madam was Marina Golub.

In 2012, Ivan tried his hand at scriptwriting, co-author of the short film "Victory Day". The main role in the film was also played by him. The film won a prize at the "Call for Action" war films competition in the category "Best Film of the Year".

A special feature of the actor's filmography is the Serbian-Ukrainian social drama "Istalgia", in which Ivan Stankevich was entrusted with the key role of the young man Bogdan, the son of Eastern European emigrants. The film was about the relationship between three couples of lovers of different ages and social status.

The year 2013 was particularly generous for the artist. Ivan starred in Pavel Parkhomenko's biographical drama "Gagarin. The first in space", where Boris Volynov played cosmonaut. In the summer of 2013, the tape was released in wide rent.

In the same year, 5 series were broadcast with the participation of Ivan Stankevich. High ratings were given to the projects "Passion for Chapai", "Legends of the Circle" and "Love for a million".

The historic Ekaterina project, which premiered in 2014, was a resounding success. Ivan Stankevich appeared in the first season of the series as Metropolitan Pimen. The following year, the artist pleased fans with the work in the psychological thriller "Method": along with the main characters performed by Konstantin Khabensky and Paulina Andreeva Stankevich Jr. appeared in one of the 16 series, playing Pavlik Tolmachev.

In 2016, the artist starred in two sparkling comedy tapes. The idea of the film "Wonderland" belongs to "Quartet I". The main characters of the comedy played by the "quartet" Leonid Barats, Alexander Demidov, Kamil Larin and Rostislav Khait. Notable roles went to Ivan Stankevich, Elena Yakovleva, Jan Tsapnik and Olesya Zheleznyak. The second comedy, which premiered in early January 2016 - "Man of the future". No less interesting project for Ivan was the comedy "Marry Pushkin", in which the main character, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, played by Alexander Bortic.

Personal life

Being an established actor, Ivan for a long time lived in his parents' home and did not think about his own family. In any case, the artist's personal life has always been kept "offscreen" and never spread about romances with girls. In December 2017, it became known that the representative of the acting dynasty has changed the family status. His wife was a girl named Anna.

The wedding was held in a closed format, only close relatives and friends of the newlyweds were invited to the celebration. Photos of the event were included in the accounts in the social networks of the wedding guests. Ivan himself did not have a profile in "Instagram", but photos of personal content are on the Internet. The young people plan to create a happy family and have children, because Ivan has a wonderful example of marriage between parents and older brother, who has two daughters - Varvara and Vasilis.

Ivan loves travelling. Once in an interview the young man said that Rome and Venice had made an indelible impression on him. In his spare time, the actor meets with friends, plays basketball, attends concerts of jazz bands, listens to classical music and plans to visit France.

Ivan Stankevich now

Recently, the name of Ivan Stankevich has been remembered in connection with the advent of the Ivan Stankevich Relief Fund. The actor has nothing to do with the Foundation and is engaged exclusively in cinematography.

In 2017, fans welcomed the arrival of Ivan Stankevich in the 16-serial spy detective "Devil's Hunt", where he played a specialist in European languages Andrei Koltsov. The main role in the series went to Sergei Bezrukov.

In March 2018, the Stankevich family had an event that made them rally even stronger than before. Fyodor Viktorovich was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of "stroke". The attack on the actor began on tour, during the performance. Fyodor Stankevich was on stage when suddenly his hand went numb. Signs of a stroke identified his partner in the scene Tatiana Vasilieva.

After the artist was brought to Moscow, highly

qualified doctors joined in, the operation was carried out. Ivan Stankevich talked to journalists. He said that his father's condition had stabilized. Together with Victor and his mother, the young man was constantly in hospital. One month later, Stankevich Sr. had already returned to the theatre.<

Family troubles did not disrupt Ivan's creativity. He is still involved on the stage of Anton Chekhov's theatre, and also plays in new film projects. Among his works - the role of the second plan in the sensational drama "Buy me" with Julia Khlinina, Anna Adamovich, Svetlana Ustinova in the main acting ensemble.

In 2018, Ivan Fyodorovich Stankevich appeared on the screens in Dmitry Cherkasov's 16-serial melodrama "Free Diploma", where he received one of the key images.

The screens also released a criminal drama by Yuri Moroz "The Player" about a talented graduate student, who came up with a scheme to beat the casino. Ivan, along with Maxim Matveev, Artem Tkachenko, Alexandra the Child, Nikolai Kozak joined the main cast.