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Shoulder exercises: how to train deltoids

In this article, I will explain to you three shoulder exercises performed safely at home.

The shoulder exercises that I propose you need a ring elastic.

Shoulder exercises at home: training the medial deltoid

To do the first, as you see in a video of a colleague’s personal trainer, stand up, pass the elastic behind the back, under the buttocks, hold it at the ends and contract the deltoids while raising the arms sideways and slightly forward, up to reach 45 degrees.

Don't worry if you feel like you're making a small move. For the medial deltoid exercises to be effective, it is enough for the arm to reach that angle here. Besides, you would involve too much the trapeze which is not our goal.

The choice of the elastic determines the effort you will make and I advise you since you will have to maintain an upright posture with your gaze towards the horizon, to choose one that is not too wide and thick.

Throw the air out when you bring your elbows up. According to some personal trainers, the opposite should be done because taking air during the lifting of the arm favors the natural movement of adaptation of the spine. You can try to do it in two ways and understand what helps you most.

This shoulder exercise mainly activates the medial deltoid muscles, the trapezius muscles, and the abdominals.

to train the anterior deltoid

The second exercise for the shoulders, instead, you will do it by passing the elastic under your feet and, after holding the elastic with your hands as far apart as your shoulders, you will raise your arms straight in front of you. The speech of correct breathing is identical to that made for the previous exercise.

Always keep your back straight and do not overdo the effort because it can produce ineffective alterations of your posture.

This movement mainly involves the anterior deltoid and the anterior dentate together with the abdominals.

The third and final of the home shoulder exercises that I recommend is the oarsman, known above all for the involvement of the back muscles, which contracts the posterior deltoid very effectively. Find the description and video here.

If you are a beginner you can perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions, interspersed with at least one minute of rest and choose an elastic that will not tire you too much and allow you to take care of the execution. With time and experience, you will do the shoulder exercises with a more resistant elastic band and a lower number of repetitions to improve the strength and quality of the muscle mass.

This exercise to train your shoulders at home, together with other muscle strengthening exercises, is part of a workout suitable for those who want to lose weight or tone their muscles.